Crossover Industries is a spinoff project from Ilovehandles. In January of 2015, We designed and made Wrist Ruler as an every-day-carry solution for people who always find themselves needing a ruler. When the knitting community and our Wrist Ruler found each other, it was a perfect match.


Customers started requesting colors (Brooklyn General), metallics (Chelsea Yarns), and every other conceivable variation. We also started partnering with knitters to create similar products like the Brioche Bracelet (shoutout to Nancy Marchant). Wrist Ruler quickly took on a life of its own.


It started out as a practical matter: Wrist Ruler and its variations would have completely taken over the Ilovehandles website. We finally decided to cross over and spin off Wrist Ruler to launch a new brand that makes knitting products that are smart, useful, and unlike anything else in the market. Welcome to Crossover Industries.

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